Softwair UK supplies software for data security, tachograph analysis, mobile tachograph data management, freight forwarding software with a customer relationship management option, energy monitoring, e-commerce and a facility to build your own business App.   

Data Encryption Software

CubeiTz the most secure data storage solution.

CubeiTz is the ultimate way to encrypt your data, share and store your data without risk of theft or loss.  The most advanced encryption software available protects your data on your computer on external drives, in the cloud on Office 365, DropBox. iCloud, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive.

Safe, secure, store.

Protect the important things in your business and personal life.

Secure your files.

You can protect your data on your computer, external drives and in the cloud.

Share your files.

Share data safely with 1 million bits of encryption.

Tachograph Analysis Software

Tachospeed automatically reads and analysis your analogue and digital tachographs.

Tachospeed software allows processing and analysis of retrieved data with respect to the rules and regulations concerning driving times, resting periods and breaks, as well as keeping record of working time.

Digital and Analogue

Analysis data from digital and analogue

tachographs and from the vehicle unit.

Fully Compliant

Fully compliant for the UK including  Regulation No. 561/2006.

Produces Full Reports

Road inspection reports, driver time sheets,

infringement report.

Moreover the software allows calculating the drivers' allowance, creating fuel reports required for control consumption, as well as creating  drivers' and vehicle documentation.

Transport Management Mobile Phone App

TachoTerminal App uses your mobile phone to read and transfer drivers data.

TachoTerminal App is an application that allows you to  download data from your drivers card to using your mobile phone and transfer all digital files via email MMS or messenger. 

Read Drivers' Cards

TachoTerminal will read your drivers card remotely.

Fully Compliant

Fully compliant with EC Regulation 561/2006, 3821/85 Anex 1b and 581/2010

Send via Email

Use email, MMS or messenger to receive your drivers files.

Connect reader and download driver files via your mobile phone, upload files anywhere at any time, analysis drivers data at a convenient time in your office.

Freight Forwarding Software

Logistaas is a cloud based software for freight forwarding companies.

LogistaaS is the best cloud software solution for medium and small sized freight forwarders looking to improve their competitiveness through technology and streamline their day to day process.

Sea, air & land

Integrated with 50+ shipping lines and 90+ airlines.

Inbound & Outbound

Transfer shipping, booking requests, instructions, track and send waybill.


Integrated with INNTRA and WinWeb    Connect. 

User friendly,  developed using the most advanced technologies and integrated with many shipping lines and air lines. Hundreds of thousand of shipments are processed through LogistaaS every year.