TachoTerminal App is an application that allows you to  download data from your drivers card using your mobile phone and transfer all digital files via email MMS or messenger. 

Driver's data always on time.

  • read driver card files remotely
  • full compliance with EC regulation 561/2006. EC Regulation 3821/85, Annex 1b and EC Regulation 581/2010
  • use your email, MMS or messenger to receive your drivers files.

Download and transfer driver's data via a smartphone - basic steps:

    1. TachoTerminal App
    2. Mobile driver card reader
    3. A smartphone with OTG micro-USB port with a Android 4.0.3 and above i.e. Sony T3, GoClever Quantum 2 400, Smasung Galaxy  S5 Neo
    4. Internet connection.

    Let your drivers read driver cards using a smartphone.

        TachoTerminal App                                                                                             What makes us different

      1.  Connect reader and download files via mobile
      2. Upload file anywhere at any time
      3. Analysis your driver's data at convenient time in your office.
      • no restrictions on the amount of driver card readings
      • information about the last data reading stored on the driver's card needed during a road check
      • file transfer via email, popular messengers (e.g. WhatsApp and Messenger), MMS and many more apps.

      TachoTerminal App for Transferring Driver's Files